The following is a list of frequently asked questions. These questions should help you if you have any doubts about using our service at either of our pawn shops in Thanet, Kent.

What if I only want the loan for a week?

We provide easy repay short term loans, so you can repay the loan after one week and just pay one week's interest. One of the good things about pawnbroking is you can repay the loan whenever you like and you only pay interest accordingly.

What if I can't repay the loan at the end of the 6 month contract?

Simple - you can just pay the interest to date and then you have up to another 6 months to redeem your item. 

When will I receive the money?

The funds can be transferred into your bank the same day we receive the item.

When do I pay the interest?

You pay the interest at the end of the term when you repay the loan.

Do I pay anything weekly?

No, there is just one payment at the end of the term - the loan plus the interest.

Will my items be safe with you?

Your items are kept in a high security safe protected by a sophisticated alarm system and many other state of the art security protection systems installed by approved suppliers.

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