The Most Expensive Items Ever Sold in a Pawn Shop

Posted by admin on October 24, 2019

Pawnshops can hold some pretty expensive items. From jewellery to antiques, the more valuable the item, the more money you could potentially get for it. 

Some items, however, are simply beyond belief, almost to the point when it became hard to value.

Here are some of the most expensive items ever pawned at a pawnshop. 

The Original “Godfather” Script 

This particular item appeared on the hit US reality TV show, Pawn Stars, a show entirely dedicated to a Las Vegas pawnbrokers named World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Many items that appear in this particular pawnshop are pretty extravagant, but this specimen truly shocked everyone. 

Yes, the original script for the Godfather was authenticated by the shows own experts as being the genuine article. Not only was it the original screenplay, bound up in a glossy leather cover, but it was also autographed, making it near enough priceless. 

However, upon closer inspection, it turned out the signature was from the producer and not the author. Still, the script was sold at a later auction for around $12,000 (around £10,000). We think it could’ve gone for more than that but that’s still a lot of money. 

A Death Clock

So named due to the mercury causing early deaths, one death clock appeared in another pawnshop in Las Vegas. This ornate timepiece was gilded with many gold fittings, making it a fine addition to any mantelpiece it sits on. 

But due to the early death part, that tends to discourage people from buying it. In the end, the death clock was sold for $10,000 (£8,000). A p[retty fair price for an object that is, in essence, quite deadly. 

WWII Tank Scope 

In yet another US pawnshop, a tank scope from the Second World War graced its doors. It did not come with the tank, of course, but the scope by itself was worth quite a lot of money. How it came into the possession of its original owner, to begin with, is a mystery. 

In any case, the scope was put up for $2,500 (around £2,000), making worth a fair bit in case anyone wants to own a tank scope for whatever reason. 

JFK Humidor 

How often does an item belonging to a former US president appear inside a pawnshop? Not very often, we can tell you that! This particular item was a cigar box which used to belong to President John F Kennedy. When given to the pawnbrokers, it still had some untouched cigars in the box. 

Prices for such items can vary, as the former president wasn’t exactly short on cigar boxes. However, there was still a matter of proving the genuineness of the humidor. Once it was proven, it fetched a price of more than $575,00 (£473,000). 

A Helicopter

This last item is perhaps the most unusual. While it’s not unheard of to pawn off old cars, especially if they’re vintage and in mint condition, a helicopter is certainly much rarer. Even among pawned flying vehicles, pawning a helicopter is unusual.

Easy to say, this particular helicopter was auctioned off at a grand £1 Million! By far the most expensive item on this list, as well as the most unheard of. We imagine that the lucky owner must’ve been quite pleased with the evaluation. 

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