4 of the Weirdest Items Ever Pawned

Posted by admin on August 20, 2019

Pawnbroker employees have seen many bizarre items which customers try to sell in exchange for cash, some so odd that it’ll leave you thinking: “How on earth did they think they’d get away with that?” 

It’s more common than you may think, too! This is why we’re going to show you the four strangest items that have ever passed through a pawn shop. 

Cookie Monster Charm 

Have you ever loved a furry blue hand puppet so much that you wanted to wear a charm bearing its likeness? Yes, a grown man loved Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster character so much that he got one made. Well, that is until his need for cash grew so large he had to pawn it. 

But that wasn’t the strangest thing! The charm dangled from a gold chain and was about the size of an average human fist and was studded with 2.90 karat diamonds. The whole thing was easily worth £1,000. So while it was a strange item, it was actually quite valuable! 

A Loaf of Bread… And 4 Cans of Soup 

In one pawn shop in the US, a customer walked in hoping to pawn some items for cash. So far so good, only the items he got out his bags were a loaf of bread and four cans of soup. Worse, he believed the entire lot was worth hundreds of dollars. 

When the pawnbroker told him his items were worthless, the customer then said that if they didn’t take the items, he would kill them all. Naturally, the police got involved and the man was arrested but this whole scenario where the customer was perhaps stranger than the items. And a little scary...

Prosthetic Limbs 

Surprisingly, many people are under the impression that you can pawn a prosthetic limb. While you could possibly do that with a gold prosthetic or one encrusted with diamonds (or perhaps even a vintage one!), a normal prosthetic won’t fetch as much as you believe.

Many believe that, because prosthetic limbs are pretty expensive, that they must have more value, but there’s more to pawning items than that. 

An Entire Bathroom

Finally, another customer walked into a pawn shop, again in the US, hoping to pawn his entire bathroom. Not just the bath, or the toilet seat, or even the sink, but the entire room. This, of course, was absurd and the pawnbroker was quick to point this out. Besides, he didn’t actually own the bathroom; the house which he lived in was rented. 

Furious, the customer stormed out of the shop, claiming that he will call both his lawyer and his local congressman about this. Easy to say, nothing came of this and the man didn’t get the money for his bathroom. Well, his landlord’s bathroom. 

Do you have an item you wish to pawn? No matter how strange you think it is, why not check what we lend against to see if it has some value? 


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